54: Half Century That Reaches From India to the World

Director: Gizem İbak

Cinematography: Gizem İbak & Umur Dağlı 

Executive Producer: Umur Dağlı

Edit: Eleia, inc.

Original Music: David Szesztay

Translation: Nitika Bansal

We travelled Goa, Kerala and Maharashtra states by coming India from Turkey, made interviews with the Indians that we came across. The video tells about Aamir Khan 's film career and the impact on Indian society with interviews.

The Night Light of the Earth | Official Trailer | Gizem Ibak

Official trailer of The Night Light of the Earth.  

Director: Gizem Ibak 

Camera: Umur Dağlı & Gizem Ibak  

Color: Fırat Konuşlu 

World Distributor: Adler Products 

Poster Design: Tuğçe Özkurt 

Supported by Qatar Airways 

Sound Mix: Cankat Özden  

Music: Kiran Ahluwalia 

Voice: Gürkan Cevizci 

Starring: Stalin K. , Anna, Shilpa Dhale

Before Leaving | Short | Fiction | 2016

Erhan who is in middle of his forties, was too tired to start a new life because of catastrophe. Erhan confronts the past while taking his belongings from package in the house that he moved. He comes home by taking cassettes that he found incidentally while he is down to his belongings which, is from his past and having difficulty to saying goodbye, to the basement of the house.  |  4th Grade: Final Project

The Movie Has Happy Ending | Short | Fiction | 2015

Two buddy discover a village that live in peace and abundance and earn a living with swap. That two buddy who want to make the villagers dependent on them and benefit from abundance, present an idea that village need the glass mansion and that only themselves can make this mansion. Different time will begin for the people of the village who live in serenity until two buddy come. | 3rd Grade: Final Project

As You Know | Short | Fiction | 2013

A district in Istanbul will be demolished because of illegal structures. The time given for the evacuate of the houses make neighborhood people worried. Ahmet, the policeman is on the verge of a choice.  | 2nd Grade: Final Project